Environmental Health Consultants (EHC)  

is made up of registered nurses and licensed 

experienced environmental professionals, working to help 

create a healthy indoor environment. 

EHC works alongside doctors and other healthcare practitioners

to help determine if the indoor environment may be contributing to health concerns.  

We also offer consultation services for our clients or anyone in the community who has an autoimmune disease or is not feeling well, and would like to know if their  environment could be causing adverse health affects. 



The American Lung Association conducted a survey showing, "85 percent of Americans don't realize that the air in their homes may be a health hazard".


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have consistently ranked indoor "air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health". 

Our mission is to educate and help communities become aware of environmental exposures affecting human and animal health. 

  "Healing one home, one human and one animal at a time"

Environmental Health Consultants Testimonial 2016

"I can’t begin to share with you how amazing it has been to work with you over this past year.  You have captured the very essence of service with your amazing ability to listen, care, comprehend and provide service.  Your guidance and compassion with my health has far succeeded my expectations as has your knowledge on the subject of mold and mycotoxins.  I would highly recommend your service to anybody that I know and I do appreciate everything you have done for me and my family. I feel extremely fortunate that we crossed paths and I hold you in high regards. Wishing you all the best,  Your Great". Best, Steve K, Sag Harbor NY 

Stay Healthy and Informed

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