Environmental Health Consultants (EHC)  

is made up of registered nurses and licensed 

experienced environmental professionals, working to help 

create a healthy indoor environment. 

EHC works alongside doctors and other healthcare practitioners

to help determine if the indoor environment may be contributing to health concerns.  

We also offer consultation services for our clients or anyone in the community who has an autoimmune disease or is not feeling well, and would like to know if their  environment could be causing adverse health affects. 

The American Lung Association conducted a survey showing, "85 percent of Americans don't realize that the air in their homes may be a health hazard".


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have consistently ranked indoor "air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health". 

Our mission is to educate and help communities become aware of environmental exposures affecting human and animal health. 

Stay Healthy and Informed

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Gina was amazing and very thorough in pin-pointing the mold issues in our home which was actually affecting our health for 2 years prior to contacting her. Her step by step process rid our home of mold in several areas and made excellent suggestions on what we can do to keep it clean going forward. So happy we hired her and took her advise. She knows her business and you won't be disappointed.


I would just like to give a long overdue thank you to Gina and her team at Environmental Health Consultants. Gina and her team could not of been more knowledgeable, professional, and dependable. Our house had one of the worst mold issues that she’s ever seen and she was able to discover it, arrange for remediation, and give us the confidence that we would never have a problem again . Thank you, Gina. We were lucky to find you and are so grateful that you helped us . For anyone who has mold concerns or issues, look no further.


Gina is absolutely amazing. She came highly recommended to me after finding out that I was experiencing health concerns due to mold exposure. We contacted her to do an inspection in our home. She has gone above and beyond to assist us in the difficult process and is so knowledgeable about the topic.  Having a mold issue is such a difficult and confusing process and Gina and her team have guided us through the entire process. I am so grateful she was recommended to us and cannot recommend her enough to anyone dealing with this issue!

  "Healing one home, one human and one animal at a time"