Environmental Health Consultants helps clients improve their indoor air quality and their health through affordable residential and commercial Indoor Air Quality Assessments and HIPPA-compliant consulting services. EHC also seeks to educate the community about the connection between indoor air quality and certain health concerns through educational presentations and research projects.

Experienced Professionals

We take great pride in providing quality indoor air quality services with exceptional customer service. Our team is comprised of licensed mold assessors and medical professionals making Environmental Health Consultants uniquely qualified to help patients understand the connection between indoor air quality and health and provide support throughout the mold removal and recovery process.

Community Support

Today, Environmental Health Consultants continues to educate, advocate, and support the community.  We work with healthcare practitioners who are looking at environmental factors as a root cause for health concerns as well as directly with clients with air quality concerns. For the healthcare community not yet aware of the connection, we hope even in some small way to help bridge the gap between adverse health and our environment.