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This is Nurse Gina, I'm a Registered Nurse and Owner/Operator of Environmental Health Consultants, Co-owner of "GermBuster System" Below is an abbreviated version of why I created Environmental Health Consultants.

Nursing is my second career, my first was in the hospitality field. I graduated from Rutgers University in 2006 with a Bachelors in Nursing. I worked as an RN both in hospitals and in the community as a hospice nurse and a nationally certified infusion nurse (CRNI), providing immunoglobulin therapy for patients with auto-immune diseases.  

Working in the home setting allowed me to continuously observe some commonalities between patients, their disease and their environment. After treating a adolescent who became ill due to undetected mold in his home, was when I realized there was a lot more to learn. 


That was in 2013 and the beginning of my education learning about indoor air quality. In 2014 while working with a newly diagnosed autoimmune patient who had had direct mold exposure after Hurricane Sandy was when I started to apply my knowledge of how mold could be playing a role in adverse health conditions. 

As a result, mold did play a major part in the onset of this patient’s disease and as of a today the patient is drug-free and an abstract of the findings were recently published (See published study).

During this process I started to educate, advocate and support patients who had little or no knowledge of mold and health. The “Mold Coach” was the name of my small business which later in 2016 expanded to “Environmental Health Consultants, LLC”.

Today Environmental Health Consultants continues to educate, advocate, and support the community, and in addition performs Affordable Indoor Air Quality Assessments for Healthcare Practitioners who are looking at the environmental as a cause for health concerns.


For the healthcare community not yet aware of the connection, we hope even in some small way to help bridge this gap between adverse health and our environment. 

Thank you for your time. 

In Good Health,

Nurse Gina

Gina Dehmer RN, BSN, CRNI®,

Environmental Health Consultants, LLC 




 "Healing one home, one human and one animal at a time"