Research shows pets to be a major health benefit to one's environment. I love animals myself and love educating owners on issues affecting our animal friends:


*Please consider feeding your pets a chicken-free/grain-free diet*


Below are some common health concerns and tips:


Skin Issues

Many times chicken is the culprit. The poultry industry in China is not regulated so whatever the farm decides to feed the chickens is ultimately what our animals are eating. 


Candida Overgrowth

(dogs will present by constantly licking their paws)

Candida is normal to our animals gastrointestinal tract. However candida thrives on sugar, and an overgrowth can occur when feeding a grain-based food because the carbohydrates in the grain turn to sugar. 



(like in human animals need good bacteria in their GI track to fight off Candida) Use human capsules and sprinkle 1 daily on food

or give your pet 1 tbsp of plain greek yogurt daily.


Since both are part of nature you may want to use a product intended for nature. It is used in agricultural all around the world:


Diatomaceous Earth (food grade version)

Sprinkle on food and add to litter boxes. It kills fleas/worms instantly. For ant problems sprinkle inside and outside the house.


Homemade Nutrient Dense Pet Food

Please contact me for your pet's own personalized recipes.


Gina’s Goodness 

Homemade supplemental health capsules for sale. All proceeds will go to “Best Friends Animal Sanctuary".


Animal Assessment $30 

(Available via Phone, Skype, FaceTime, or Home Visit)