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Trusted Health Professionals Creating a Safe Indoor Environment
Nurse Gina & Co. offers services to establish healthy indoor air quality for individuals exposed to harmful toxins such as volatile organic compounds, mold, and mycotoxins. Nurse Gina will provide a health assessment of the occupants, and she and her team of licensed professionals will assess the home's health by performing a comprehensive indoor air quality inspection. Once completed, they will work with you to restore you and your family's health.
Indoor Air Quality Services

Comprehensive Inspection.
A team of licensed mold assessors provides a comprehensive inspection including attics, basements, crawl spaces, and the exterior of the structure. Environmental sampling will be conducted and the results along with photos will be compiled into a written report and interpreted via a virtual meeting. (Assessments are priced to be affordable to all homeowners with payment plans available).

Environmental Cleanses
Cleanses are recommended after remediation to ensure the main living areas are safe and clean. Nurse Gina & Co uses all non-toxic products. (Cleanses are priced to be affordable to all homeowners with payment plans available).

Mold Identification/Virtual Inspection
Using the latest technology we can identify mold through photographs and virtual inspections.

Environmental Consulting & Clinical Services

Clinical Consulting & Client Advocacy
Nurse Gina & Co helps clients to navigate their journey and helps determine if their home is causing their illness & may serve as a health consultant and educator for mold-related conditions, including auto-immune diseases. (Consulting packages are priced to be affordable to all homeowners and individuals with payment plans available)

Urine Mycotoxin Testing
Nurse Gina & Co. offers customized at-home test kits for clients to determine the presence of mold/toxins in their environment and/or mycotoxins in human and animal health.

Blood Sample Analysis
Blood draws can be taken by our mobile clinical team and sent to specialty labs. Results are shared with physicians who can make a diagnosis and provide a treatment protocol

Commercial Infection Control Treatments & Products
Nurse Gina & Co. The GermBuster System is a monthly two-step, non-toxic treatment for creating a germ-free environment that is guaranteed for 30 days. The treatments use our RN Select Disinfectant and Protectant, creating a barrier to all surfaces & high-touch areas using an electrostatic spray application, allowing for 360 degrees of coverage & killing germs on contact.

Nurse Gina & Co. Product
RN Select Disinfectant “Clinical Clean You Can Feel

Jacqueline Soboti
Jacqueline Soboti
Gina was an absolute pleasure to work with. I am incredibly grateful for her compassion, expertise, and professionalism. She is highly knowledgeable and dedicated to this field. When you feel sick you may also feel really desperate to feel better. Gina understands this and makes the process of testing yourself and your home a lot less overwhelming. During the entire process she was communicative, supportive, and prompt. She even followed up before, during and after my remediation to check in and ensure everything went smoothly. I know that my health issues are now on the path towards healing and I attribute that to Gina. I highly recommend her!!!
Bill Vanderstreet
Bill Vanderstreet
Gina was amazing and very thorough in pin-pointing the mold issues in our home which was actually affecting our health for 2 years prior to contacting her. Her step by step process rid our home of mold in several areas and made excellent suggestions on what we can do to keep it clean going forward. So happy we hired her and took her advise. She knows her business and you won't be disappointed.
Victor Coppola
Victor Coppola
Nurse Gina provides a valuable service for folks struggling with unknown illness. She has a keen eye and can help assess conditions in ones home that when corrected will improve overall IAQ.
Lina Keating
Lina Keating
Gina is absolutely amazing. She came highly recommended to me after finding out that I was experiencing health concerns due to mold exposure. We contacted her to do an inspection in our home. She has gone above and beyond to assist us in the difficult process and is so knowledgeable about the topic. She is always ready and willing to answer any questions we have. She has provided us with recommendations that have been extremely helpful. She also assisted my mom who was having mold issues in her apartment. She did testing and provided a detailed report outlining her recommendations. Having a mold issue is such a difficult and confusing process and Gina and her team have guided us through the entire process. I am so grateful she was recommended to us and cannot recommend her enough to anyone dealing with this issue!
Ronny Sarnecky
Ronny Sarnecky
“I can’t say enough positive things regarding Gina Dehmer and the Environmental Health Consultants company. The bathroom in my mother’s apartment has had an issue with mold since before 1996. The apartment’s maintenance crew would do a patch up job that temporarily would fix the issue, but would never solve the problem. Years later, it was discovered that my sister contracted Chronic Lyme Disease. Living with mold has hindered her progress in fighting this disease. Her doctor requested that we hire Gina to perform a mold assessment and testing. This was the best advice that we were ever given. Gina conducted her testing, which included taking many samples and pictures of the mold areas that she found. Gina wrote up a detailed report that was forwarded to the apartment’s management team. When the apartment’s management dragged their feet in fixing the problem correctly, Gina personally contacted the head of the apartment complex. She informed them on the steps that needed to be taken to fix the mold issue, and recommended a team who can properly fix the mold issue once and for all. Gina has been a god send for our family. Gina has gone above and beyond what an Environmental Health Consultant needs to do. Without her, my mother and sister would still be living in a mold infested apartment. I cannot express into words how thankful our family is that Gina came into our lives, and helped fix the problem. I highly recommend Gina if you have any issues with mold. It would be the best decision you would ever make.”- RS, Parlin, NJ
*Our priority at Environmental Health Consultants. is the health of our clients. As a result, we do not benefit financially from any trusted and skilled air quality professional recommendations.
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