Mold remediation can be stressful. If your home is not properly remediated by a reputable, trained contractor, the mold will grow back and you risk contaminating other parts of your home during the process. Environmental Health Consultants offers mold remediation project management services to ensure your home is remediated according to industry and government guidelines.

During your remediation project, an EHC team member will be on site daily to confirm that the remediators are following remediation protocol, including set up of containment and effective treatment solutions. During the process, our team will be on site daily and will provide updates via Google Drive with notes and pictures.

Our team will be the primary point of contact between the homeowner and the remediation company and will be available to answer any questions before, during, and after the remediation project. Common homeowner concerns are details about the remediation process, which contents are salvageable, and confirmation that mold has been completely removed. Environmental Health Consultants will answer all your questions during the process and is available for post remediation testing.